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07.31.18Julia Mahlum


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11.14.13Monica Hershberger

Dear Dr. Ostrander,
I am a graduate student in historical musicology at Harvard. I am currently working on a paper on the Princeton Seminars in Advanced Musical Studies. I realize that you attended the seminar in 1960 and would love to speak with you about your experience. I can be reached via email (mhershberger@fas.harvard.edu) or by phone (513-461-9296). Thanks so much for your time.
Sincerely, Monica Hershberger

08.10.13Jane Maloy

o you ever play or g New rleans? Itik the music sceneand the Ne OrlensMusicin's clinic could benefit from yorur experience.

06.14.13Robert Scharf

Dr. Linda Ostrander I apologize, I don't beleive this letter is in the proper vein. However, you will understand when I tell you I wish to celebrate your father--my trumpet teacher--Fred Woodaman. After he retired and moved to Halifax, I stayed in touch with him. He told me I was his only student who did so. He was a dear man: he was patient and kind and never discouraging. I once asked him to transcribe some Bunny Berrigan solos for me and he did so willingly.
I want to share one of my favorite stories about your dad. I would give him cash for my lessons--probably $20.00. He would put it in his wallet and he showed that he put the bills in denomination order and alls heads up and facing the same way. To this day, when I tell people how I organize my wallet, I tell them I learned it from my trumpet teacher.
When I wanted to do NYSMA, I brought him a difficult composition. He sight read it and played it perfectly.
He was agreat musician; a great teacher; and a great man.
As this is father's day weekend, I want to tell you that I loved him and that you should be proud of him--as I'm sure you are.

He was one of my mentors.


Bob Scharf

04.07.13David Eddleman

I remember hearing so many of your works at BU. Nice to see they're still in repertoire.

08.23.12Lydia Barrett

Hi! My name is Lydia Barrett. I am a senior vocalist at the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities in Greenville, SC, and I have come across your song cycle "From Here to There" while looking for a song cycle to sing at my senior recital this spring. I would love to perform your piece at my recital, but, unfortunately, it seems to be for baritone voice. I would love to be able to perform this piece in a soprano range, but have been unable to find sheet music. Thank you so much, and I hope to be able to perform your work this spring.
Thank you,
Lydia Barrett

03.05.12Martha Dalton Oliver

Dear Mrs. Ostrander,
I was a student at Washington State Teachers College from 1963-1967. I studied voice with Mr. Ostrander.
I spent 37 years as a classroom teacher . I was active in local theater , soloist for many weddings , churches ,events, and passed my love of music on to many children.
I wanted to say hello . I think of you both often .
I have been married 45 years, we have 10 grandchildren, and while I never would wish my life different, I often wonder where my life journey would have taken me had I followed my dream.
I will always be appreciative of the time spent in my musical studies. I remember you both fondly .

10.02.11Simona Simonini



The S.A.I. University is organizing an international festival of organ compositions, written by women, to be held in Parma, at the Church of San Vitale, in May 2012 . Organist will be Claudia Termini, a former director of the Conservatory "Arrigo Boito".
The Great Organ 'Michelotto' of the Church of San Vitale in Parma for the variety of records and the quality of intonation is the most prestigious that the city of Parma can currently boast concert level.
On this occasion I would like to welcome and honor her composition for solo organ, written specially for this event or, failing that, made in the last five years.
The works duration must be between 6 and 10 minutes.
The composition should be submitted in PDF format at the following mail address no later than October 15 - 2011:
I send you my most cordial greetings
Simona Simonini

Via Toscanini 10-42020 Montecavolo – RE
Tel: 0522/880377
Mobile: 335/8175751
E-mail: simonasimonini@tiscali.it



03.30.11Mark Cagnetta

Dr. Ostrander,

I hope you are well. You may not remember me, but I enrolled in the Integrated Studies program at Cambridge College in 1999. I was a nervous adult; not knowing what to expect, particularly having been out of school so long. After graduating, I enrolled in the Organizational Leadership program at argosy University, and received my doctorate degree in July, 2010.
I've often reflected on the guidance you provided to get me through Cambridge, and how patient you were. I just thought I would send you a note to thank you for everything you did.
I retired from police work and, like you, moved to the southwest (AZ).
Take care,
Mark Cagnetta

02.12.10Bob Sears

Hi Linda,

I wonder if you remember me. Bob Sears, I was a one of your students at Bunkerhill from 1976 - 1978. I was thinking about you the other day and through google found your web site. I took five semesters of music theory with you snd I have fond memories my time in your class. Joe Stasio and a woman , whose name i forget where the only three students after the first semester theory. You'll be happy to know that I'm still enjoying the results. My daughter intrioduced me to musical theater about 5 years ago anf I've perfomed on stage singing solo and ensemble. My daughther is enrolled at Pace University as an acting major and hopes to perfrom in musical theater as a career. I've been playing drums since forever and recently was percussionist for a local performance of Little Shop of Horrors. For the last six months I've been studying percussion with a teacher local to me in NH. I never had lessons as a kid when I started playing and , at the urging of the musical directors in the area, learning to read drum notation.

Enough of me. I hope all is well with you. I'm very impressed with all your accomplishments and happy to know you are living such an active llife.

I'd love to hear back from you if you have the time and hope you do remeber me.

Take care,


09.09.09Ed Friedland

Hi Linda!
Just thought I'd look you up and say hello. Last we spoke I was in Tucson, and you were in New Mexico - looks like you're still there. I've relocated to Austin, TX (y'all) and love it here. I've continued to write books for Hal Leonard, I believe I'm working on #20 right now! I've also fallen into a sideline of reviewing musical equipment for several magazines, and producing video product demos as "The Bass Whisperer" (my marketing gimmick).And of course teaching privately and doing gigs. Life is good.

Hope all is well with you.


08.11.09Mary Gagnon

Dear Linda,
I enjoyed learing more about your passion and work. I am interested in your Cambridge College distance learning course: Motivation and Teaching Theories and Practices EED564DL01; however, I have never taken a distance learing course before. Can you give me more information about the class and the way it will be run? Thank you in advance.


Nice Website! Hope to see more.

~Lisa H