Note: Works composed before 1984 were included in the Boston Composers’ Project, and are housed in the Wellesley College Library, Wellesley, Massachusetts. Some works formerly in the American Music Center Collection are now at the New York Public Library.


Communion Service. (1964) 8’
For; chorus (SATB) Text: Mass, Latin and English. Dedicated to Rev. Hobart Gary. First performed: 1964, St. John’s Episcopal Church Choir, Southampton, N.Y. Vocal score: CFE.

Jonah (1987-88) 30’
Staged oratorio. For: Soloists, Chorus (SATB), Synthesizer and Tape. Text: Bible. Score: CFE

Mass in A. (1986)
For: Chorus (SATB), bells, wind chimes, organ. Score: CFE

Praise the Lord, Anthem. (1964) 1’30"
For: chorus (unison), and organ. Text: Bible, Psalm. First performed: 1964, St. John’s Episcopal Church Choir Southampton, N.Y.,Linda Ostrander, organ, conductor. Score: CFE

The Lord's Prayer. Anthem. (2014)
For SATB Chorus. Text: Bible

Unto Us a Child is Born (1964) 1’30"
For: Chorus:(SATB) 1 movement. Text: Bible, Isaiah 9:6. Score: CFE

Visions. Oratorio (1972). 30’55"
For: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass soloists; chorus(SATB); orchestra (1-1-1-1; 2-2-2-0; timp (4), perc (2) glock; pf; str). Text: Bible, O.T., Isaiah and Psalm 66. Hear, O Heavens; Ah, Sinful Nation; Stay Yourselves; Wash You, Make You Clean; They Shall Go Into the Holes of the Rocks; Be Strong. Doctoral Dissertation (Boston University, 1972). Score: CFE.


Don’t tell the Scarecrow. (1967) 2’
For: chorus (SSA), flute, piano, loudspeakers (3). 1 movement. Vocal score and cards: CFE

Four Modern Madrigals (1988)
For: Womens’ voices (SSA). The Wish, (12th c.); To Marchettus (Franco Sachetti); David’s Lament (12th c); Let’s Away with Study (14th c). (1960) Score: CFE

Loneliness (1978) 3’
For: chorus (SSAA).percussion, piano, tape Score: CFE

Sonnet to Sleep (1955). 3’50"
For: chorus (SSAA) Text: William Drummond. First performed: 1970, Boston University Women’s Chorus, Edmund Ostrander, conductor. Vocal score: Plymouth Music Publishers, 1982.

Tom Bombadil (1966) 10’
For: Chorus (SATB) and instrumental ensemble. Song cycle: Old Tom Bombadil; Little Princess Mae; Bombadil Goes Boating; The Man in the Moon; Elven Song. Score: CFE

Two Choruses (1978) 5’
For: chorus (women). Text: Lord Byron. When We Two Parted; Stanzas for Music. Vocal score: CFE

Whispers of Heavenly Death Cantata (1956) 10’
For: Soprano, Tenor, chorus, flute, harpsichord. Text: Walt Whitman. Score: CFE


Cycle for Six (1969) 6:32
For: instruments (treble) (3) and bassoon, xylophone, double bass.
Movements: Introductions; Gestures; Developments; Trios; Return. First performed: May 1972; Boston University, Jeff Hollander Cook, conductor. Score: CFE. Reel: recording of first performance.

Extrapolations (1971) 8’
For: Soprano, recorder ensemble, percussion. Homage to Baude Cordier; Trouvere Song; Laude; Estampie. First performed: 1971: Boston University. Mary Jo Steffes, soprano; Mark Lutton, percussion; and others. Score: CFE

Fabrications (1984) 13:29
For: Cl, Vln, Vc, Pno. Prefab; Fabric; Confab; Rondo Fabuloso. First performed by the Hawthorne Tree: Sheila Reid, violin, Paul Tennant, clarinet, Lawrence Pratt, cello, Linda Krouner, piano. Grafton, MA. May 24, 1984. CD

Fanfare and Farewell. (1984) 5:19
For: 4 trpt, 2 hn, 2 trb, Tuba, sn. dr, timp. First performed: Bunker Hill Community College, Cambridge Brass Quintet, 1984. Reel of first performance, CD. Score: CFE

Five for Five (1972) 5’
For: Flute (alto), clarinet (E-flat), bassoon, trumpet, baritone. Movements: Fantasy, Pensively; Toccata 1; Nocturne; Toccata II; Rhapsody. Score: CFE

From Here to There (1965) 11:21
For: Baritone, violin, horn, bassoon, percussion (2), vibraphone. Song cycle. Text: Dr. Seuss. Contents: Introduction; Wump; My Hat is Old; Hello!; Ying; Yink; Zans; Good Night. First performed: University of Illinois, Urbana, IL. Score and parts: CFE. Reel: recording of first performance, CD.

Fun’n’ Games. (1966) 3’40’
For: String quartet. Movements: Simon Says; Crossword; Stoop Tag. Score:CFE

Game of Chance (1966). Duration variable.
For: 4 to 8 players. 1 movement. First performed: 1966, by the Music in Maine Brass Quintet, University of Maine, Orono. (Performed from cards). Reel: 1977, CD Boston, Young Audiences. Cambridge Brass Quintet. For CARDS in four levels of difficulty, Go to Contacts.

Gebrauchmusik, or, TV ‘67. (1967). 4’
For: Brass quintet. Composed for Music in Maine Brass Quintet. Score: CFE

Globe ‘66 (1966)
For: violin, horn, piano. Movements: Pearl Harbor: 25 Years After; Museum; Protest. Dedicated to Hursheline Griffin, Steve Keckskemethy and Ralph Lockwood. Score: CFE

Mousike (1972) 14’
For: Narrator, oboe, vibraphone, percussion (3). Movements: Invocation; Dance; Evocation; Alea; Celebration. First performed: 1972, Boston University. Mary Ricker, Narrator; James Grush, Oboe; Deborah Schwarz, Vibraphone; Lawrence Pim, Jonathon Scully, Bonnie Seligson, percussion; Theodore Nicoleris, conductor. Score: CFE

Music for an Exhibition of Prints and Drawings (1971)
For: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass; flute, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, percussion, celeste. Contents: Questions, Reflections; Protests. First performed: Feb. 5, 1971, Boston University. Mary Jo Steffes, soprano; Mary Ricker, Alto; Charles Spinning, Tenor; Jay Guillembardo, Bass, and instrumentalists. Reel: 1971. Score: CFE

Music for ETV Program--Principles and Elements of Design 15’
For: horn, piano, violoncello. Movements: Straight Lines; Curves; Circles; Zig-zag. Commissioned by: Maine ETV; funded by National Endowment for the Arts. First performed: 1967. Orono, Me. Ralph Lockwood, horn and piano. Arr. Geometrica for Piano, performed by Linda Ostrander on CD: An Incredible Journey at Oberlin Conservatory. 2014. Score: CFE

No Fault (arr. 2009) approx. 12 minutes depending on solos
For: Flute Big Band: pic-3 Fl-3 Alt. Fl-Bs Fl-Pno-DB-DS

Recuerdos de Espana (2017) For: Flute and Guitar; also available for Piano. 1. Entrada Magnifica 2. El Paseo Grande 3. Danza Eleganza
4. Aria Tristessa 5. Beguine Extatica 6. Fiesta

Reflections. (1987) 7:06
For: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon. Taped synthesizer may be substituted for any instrument. 4 movements: Solos; Duet: Contrasts; Trio: Crossings; Quartet: Contra Punctus. Commissioned by Row Twelve. First performed by: Row Twelve, Gayle Grycel and Katherine Kleitz. CD. Score: CFE

Rounds. (1972). 8:43
For: Brass Quintet. 1 movement. First performed: 1972, Boston University, Rolf Smedvig, 1st Trumpet. Score: CFE Reel, CD: Boston University.

Space Music I (1967) 4’30"
For: Brass Quintet and easy student trumpet part. Movements: Count-down; Blast-off; Discovery. Score: CFE

Space Music II (1967) 7’50"
For: String Quartet and easy student violin part. Movements: Explorer; Surveyor; Luna; Lem; Recovery. Commissioned by: Music in Maine. Score: CFE

Star Game (1982)
For: Any medium sized ensemble. Composed for Young Aidiences.

String Trio. (1971) 9’30"
Movements: Sonata; Freely with expression; Variations. Score: CFE (currently not available)

Tarot (1971)
For: saxophone (alto), percussion, dancer, narrator, slides, lights, tape. Movements: Patterns; Comments; Images; Rota. Multi media. Commissioned by: Ken Dorn. Score: CFE

Three Movements for Brass Quintet (1978) 6’
For: 2 trumpets, trombone, horn, tuba. Movements: Intrada; Intensities; 1-2-3,1-2. Commissioned by: Young Audiences and National Endowment for the Arts. First performed: 1978. Cantabrigia Brass Quintet. Score: CFE

Three Trumpet Duets. (1956) 2:26
Dedicated to: Fred Woodaman (my father). First performed: 1965: Oberlin College. Ed Tarr and second unidentified trumpeter. CD. Score: CFE

Time Studies. (1970)
For: Violin, oboe, trombone, perc (2), tape. Movements: Abstraction; Interlude; retrospective I; Retrospective II; Collage. First performed: Mar. 30, 1970, Boston University. Alan MacMillan, violin; Susan Stewart, oboe; Marshall Stith, trombone; Peter Carnevale and Mark Lutton, perc. Score: CFE Reel: Recording of first performance.

Two Movements for Flute, Viola and Harp (1980)

Woodwind Trio (1954) 4’
3 movements. First performed: 1954, Oberlin College. Score: CFE

Variations and Theme for String Quartet (1972) 12:19
For: String Quartet. 4 movements. First performed: Fe. 28, 1958, Oberlin College Contemporary Festival. Lauren Jakey and Lillian Foote, violins; Gary Schnerer, viola; Nancy Meisel, violoncello. CD. Score and parts: CFE


Outside In--series of 4 children’s musicals (1979-81) approximately 60 min. each. For: voice, piano. Text: Sara Beattie. Contents: O, Faces; The Polka Dot Dragon; The Wombies and the Trombees; The Grand Zazoo (also flute). Scores: CFE

Riddle No. 1 (1986) 11:21
For: Dancers, Narrator and Tape. Text: Frank Sullivan. Sets: Aileen Callahan. First performed: March 1986, Boston College. CFE.

Riddle No. 2
For: Piano and Narrator. Text: Frank Sullivan. CFE

Sci-Fi. (1979) 75’ Musical Comedy. First performed: 1960, Bunker Hill Community College, Boston , MA and Lesley College, Cambridge, MA. Student performance. Score: CFE

Theatre Piece on Sayings of Confucius. (1964) 20’
For: Baritone, actors, guitar (electric). 1 movement. Text: Confucius. Score: CFE


Concerto for Conductor and Dancers. (1966) 6:30
For: 5 dancers and chamber orchestra 1-1-1-1-,1-2-2-1, perc; str (2-2-2-2-0) 3 movements. Dedicated to: Paul Vermel and the Maine State Ballet. Score: Pioneer Editions.

Concerto Grosso No. 1 (1958) 15’
For orchestra (3) pic.-3 (Ehn)3 (&bcl)-3; 4-3-3-0; timp, perc (2), glock, mar, xyl; hp, cel. pf). 3 movements. Score: CFE Reel: 3rd movement;1958; Oberlin College, David Zinman, conductor.

Concerto Grosso No. 2 (1965) 20’
For: saxophone (alto)/saxophone (tenor), trumpets (2), horn, trombone, double bass, drums, piano and orchestra. (1-1-1-1; 1-1-1-0; perc, cel. str) Movements: Blue; Strict; Free; Solid. Commissioned by: National Endowment for the Arts. First performed: 1969; Portland, Me. Symphony Orchestra, Paul Vermel, Conductor. Score: CFE

Conservatory. (1975) (Revision, 2014)
For: Chamber Orchestra and 2 solo jazz instrumentalists selected by audience; Jazz trio: Piano, Bass, Drums; Fl, Ob, Cl, Bsn, 2 violins, viola, violoncello, Tape Recorder; slides. 4 movements: Lecture; Rehearsal; Audition; Concert. Score: CFE

11’25" for Chamber Orchestra (1970)
Movements: 6’55’; 4’30". Score: CFE

Emily's Songs (1978)
For: Soprano and orchestra. (1111; 1-0-0-0-; perc (2 str). A Certain Slant of Light; The Sky is Low. (Emily Dickinson). First performed: Feb. 11, 1979, Sonya Pryor, conductor, Judith Kellock, soprano, Sanders Theatre, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

Four Pieces for Chamber Orchestra. (1956) 4’
For: Chamber orchestra (1-1-0-0; 0-0-0-0; perc (3)str). 4 movements. First performed: 1956, Oberlin College. Score: CFE

Incident-Dialogue-Protest-Riot. (1972) 15’
For orchestra (3-0-0-3; 0-2-2-0; timp (2), perc (4), metallophone (soprano, alto, bass), vibra; str). 4 movements. Score: CFE

Quiet Music (1956) 4’
For: Chamber orchestra. Score: not available.

Suite for Chamber Orchestra No. 2 (1960) 20’
For chamber orchestra (1-1-1-1;0-0-0-0; perc (3); str) 4 movements. First performed: Portland, Me. Northeast Chamber Orchestra, Paul Vermel, conductor. Score: CFE


Choral Preludes, Book 1. (1964) 14’
For: organ. Movements: Lift up your heads; Lo, He comes with clouds descending; Let all mortal flesh; Jesus Christ, our Lord, Redeemer; We sing the glorious conquest; First performed: 1964; Southampton, N.Y. Score: CFE


Bachanale (1988) 10’
For: Piano and Tape. Composer of the Year Award, Music Teachers National Association (New England Region). First performed: Lily Owyang, piano, Notre Dame College, N.H.,1988. CFE

Dedications to Chopin. Retitled Suite No. 1.(1983) For: Piano. Contents: 9 Etudes, 1 waltz. Recorded by composer at Oberlin Conservatory, 2014. Available at CDBaby and Amazon. Score: Publisher: Hildegard, 2014.

Duet for Two Pianos
For: piano (4 hands). Movements: Prelude, Dance, Variations. First performed: 1970. Boston University. Lily Siao Owyang and Rita Simo. Score: reprod. of ms. Reel: 1972 Boston University, Judy Ross and John Goodman. CFE

Geometrica (1964)
For: Piano. 5 movements: Straight Lines; Oblique Lines; Curves; Circles; Zig-zag. (Arr. of Music for ETV. See Ensemble). First performed: Linda Ostrander, Washington, D.C.,1993, National League of American Pen Women.Recorded by composer at Oberlin Conservatory, 2014. CD An Incredible Journey. Available from CDBaby and Amazon. CFE

Sonata No. 1 (1957) (6:08)
For: Piano. 3 movements. First Performed: Oberlin College, Contemporary Festival. Linda Ostrander. Score: ms. Cassette recording: 1957. (CD, 2015) Linda Ostrander. CFE

Suite for Piano (1957)
Movements: Sinfonia; Allemande; Sarabande; Minuet; Burlesca; Rondo. First performed: Mar. 22, 1958, Oberlin College, Linda Ostrander. Score: CFE

Theme and Variations for Piano (1954) 6’
1 movement. First performed: 1955, Oberlin College. Linda Ostrander. Score: CFE

Three for Eight. (4’35")
For: pianos (2) (eight hands). 3 movements. First performed: 1969: Portland, Me, Federation of Music Clubs Concert. Score: CFE

Suite No. 2 (2014)
1. A Strange Land 2. Dreaming 3. Anxiety 4. Longing 5. Remorse 6. Anger 7. Fear 8. Happiness. Recorded by composer at Oberlin Conservatory, 2014. Available from CDBaby and Amazon. Published by Hildegard, 2015.


Encounters (1988) 15’
For: Violin and Tape. 4 movements: Alone; Passages; Dance; Interlude; Abandon. First performed: Helen Pohl, Longy School of Music, Cambridge, MA, 1988. CFE

The Replacement. (1981). 5’45"
For: Tape (flute and piccolo pre-recorded); Boston Mime Theatre. Melinda C. Ostrander, Tape. Reel: 1981. CFE

Sonata. (1954-55) 12’
Sonata, Violin and piano
3 movements. First performed: 1956. Oberlin Conservatory, Grace MacDonald and Jean Mentzer. CFE

Theme and Variations for Flute. (1979)
For: Flute and piano. 3 movements . Score: CFE

Time Out for Tuba. (1979) 9’30"
For: Tuba and tape (4 channel) Movements: Canon (recorded); Everything Comes Out Blue; Rondo. Commissioned by: Barton Cummings for national TUBA convention. First performed: May, 1980, Texas, Barton Cummings. Score: CFE

TAPE (0nly)

Collage. (1972) 45’
For: slides and tape. Movements: Collage; Search; Holiday; (Untitled). First performed: 1973, Framingham, Ma. Tape. Reel: recording of first performance.

Music for an Exhibition of Paintings (by Aileen Callahan) (1987)
For: Tape recording of synthesizer, 2 independent tapes played simultaneously) First performed: Kingston Gallery, Boston, 1987. Tape recording. (no score).


Emily’s Songs (1965)
For soprano and piano. A Certain Slant of Light; The Sky is Low; I Felt a Cleavage in my Mind; Text: Emily Dickinson. First Performed by Judith Kellock, Cambridge, MA. (Also Arr. for chorus (SA) and orchestra, performed by New England Women's Symphony, Sonya Pryor, Conductor, Feb. 11, 1979.) CFE

Faces of the Goddess (1992-94)
For: Soprano (unaccompanied) CFE

From Here to There (1965)
For: Baritone, violin, horn, bassoon, percussion (2), vibraphone. Song cycle. Text: Dr. Seuss. Contents: Introduction; Wump; My Hat is Old; Hello!; Ying; Yink; Zans; Good Night. First performed: University of Illinois, Urbana, IL. Score and parts: CFE. Reel: recording of first performance (CD).

Mr. Lucky--Song Cycle. (1972) 11:54
For: High voice or medium voice; and piano. Text: Aaron Kramer. Contents: Mr Lucky and the Wind; Softly; The Pier; The Night Watchman; Just Then a Little Voice Said; Nightsong. First performed: 1972. Boston University. Hugh Carey, Baritone. Score: CFE Reel, CD: recording of first performance.

Sea Songs
For: High Voice and Piano. Lullaby; Sea Shells for a Christmas Tree; Symmetry. (First Place, Vocal, NLAPW. 1985). Performed: National League of American Pen Women Concert, Belmont, MA, Leslie Holmes, soprano; Linda Ostrander, piano. Cassette Recording, CD. CFE

Sioux Songs--Song Cycle (1969) 11:21
For: High voice and piano. Text: Aaron Kramer. All Winter Long; I Know What’s Coming; The Gods Grow Impatient; You Have Forgotten; They’ve Lost It. First performed: 1969: Boston University (CD) Score: CFE

Songs (on e.e. cummings) (1968) 2’35"
For: High voice. Text: e.e. cummings. Contents: The Cambridge Ladies; No Time Ago. Score: CFE

For: High Voice and piano. Text: (on Poems of Guita Bouvard). An Inland Sea; Ballad of the Back; Icon of the Eighties. First performed: An Inland Sea, Brussels,Belgium, 1990, Leslie Holmes, soprano; Linda Ostrander, piano.CFE

Star Songs
For: High Voice and piano. Stars; Star Voyage; Starlight. First performed: National League of American Pen Women Concert, Belmont, MA. 1987, Leslie Holmes, Soprano; Linda Ostrander, piano. Cassette, CD. CFE

Three Songs on War. (1955) 4’50"
For: High voice and piano. The Dragon (James Lewis) CD; The Owl (Edward Thomas); On Seeing a Piece of Artillery Brought into Action (Wilfred Owen). Score: CFE

The Wish. (1972) 1’30"
For: High voice and piano. Song. 1 movement. Text: 13th century canon. Score: CFE


Creative Music: Integrating Music into the Classroom (New Edition 2009) (with Edmund Ostrander). (Used for 18 years with Lesley University graduate classes). Edmund Williams Co.

Creative Piano: A Modular Approach for the Adult Beginner (with Lily Owyang). (1978) Text book. Boston: Published by Houghton Mifflin, 1978. (out of print, now available at

Introduction to the Piano (1960)
For: Young beginning pianists. CFE

New Sounds for the Young Pianist. (1961)
For: Young beginning pianists. First performed: Easthampton, L.I., N.Y. Students of Joan Brill. Some music included in Creative Piano: A Modular Approach for the Adult Beginner. Houghton Mifflin, 1978.

The Practical Pianist (1983)
For: Adult beginning pianists. Southborough, MA: Published by Edmund Williams Co., 1983


Crazy Blues
Jazz Waltz
Minor Incident
Linda's Blues
Nice Work

JAZZ SONGS (music and lyrics by Linda Ostrander)
All for Love
Boston Bossa
If I Could Be with You
I'm Ok, You're Ok
Last Night
Lonely Bossa
Love Theme